Monday, September 10, 2007

My (non)knitting

So I grew up with a great aunt who knitted for me. Beautiful stuff... fairaisle cardigans and chunky cabled pullovers. I think I knit a scarf. And when I say knit, I mean knit. Can you say "garter stitch?"

Then while I was working (for money, as opposed to taking care of small children for love), my coworker was a knitter, and encouraged me to get back into it. She refreshed my casting on and knitting skills (ha,ha) and prodded me to learn more. And I did! I was riding the train every day to and from the city, and what a great way to spend 45 minutes (or more, as there were frequently "lines down," which I think was code for "we don't know what the heck is wrong, so we'll just tell you that") each way.

Then I became a mommy. My work changed. No more commute. Just caring for twins babies. (Just. HA!) I had one more burst of knitting during that time, but it just became too hard to get much done. I did collect a stash of yarn (nothing fantabulous) and patterns during that time, however.

Now my babies are three, and I need a project that is just mine. So I'm knitting again. I even signed up for a knitting class through our county night school program. Even though I can knit and purl and follow a pattern, I have *stinky* "fix a booboo" skills. So I am taking the class that teaches that, which also happens to be the beginner class. I suspect I may be bored but I figure it's better to be bored and learn properly than to just fake it into upper classes. The class is just five weeks, and I can take the intermediate class next time.

Just so my ISE5 pal is not horrified, I really can knit, although I wouldn't sign up for a sock or sweater exchange just yet. Aside from my inability to frog well, I also haven't mastered seaming yet. I would want to practice that a bit more before inflicting it on someone else.

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