Wednesday, February 6, 2008

whoops, I forgot

To post the contents of my package. I hope I remember everything.

First, the point protectors... I think I sent pink and green.

(you saw the stuffy posted below)

more of the same yarn,

some stitch markers by Weeones on etsy (I highly recommend this seller),

of course, hot chocolate,

some homemade marshmallow mix,

and the ever essential emergency chocolate.

My downstream person has turned out to be a lovely woman, and I hope we will stay in touch!

1 comment:

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

Just wanted to say hello, and let you know "Cali" is very happy in her new home. Reggae has even LICKED her a couple time (!?) and that's saying a lot, beings that he used to steal beanie babies off their spots when he was a kitten.
Hope you're well!