Thursday, February 14, 2008


I got my secret pal's package, but I didn't get a photo when it came, stupidly, and now my mouse has been mousenapped by my 3 year old. lol

My pal has a photo of the mouse on her page, so you can check it out here. Cute, isn't he? Unoriginally, in our house, he goes by mousie. My kids fight over him, so he has been a reward for good behavior.

My secret pal, Lora, also gave me some bamboo yarn (which I've always wanted to try), some godiva hot chocolate, some bellagio hot chocolate, and some beautiful stitch markers that she made (these are similar). It was a really nice package, and I really have enjoyed the contents! Look for future posts to see what I made from the yarn!

Thank you, Lora, you rock!

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