Monday, January 21, 2008

Random Childhood Memory

This isn't my earliest memory, but I do remember when Nixon resigned. I asked my mother why that man was crying on tv, and she said, "That's the president, and he told a lie."

Boy, that made an impression on me! I was convinced that if you told a lie, they put you on national television to apologize!

I think all small children should be made to watch old tapes of Nixon's resignation. They'll never lie again.


Secret cocoa swap pal. said...

yikes. Learning tool or childhood trauma? My childhood t.v. trauma was "soylent green is people!" I'm anxious to see your buddy for your downstream pal. Still working on mine. Tick, tock. Have a good day.

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

oh, that is a good idea for teaching children not to lie! Are you too young to remember Soupy Sales? We were really little, and one New Years Day he told kids to go to their parents room (they were probably sleeping after NYE partying) and get money out of their wallet/pocket book and send it to him! Well, my brother and I tried to...boy did we get in trouble, and I think Soupy was kicked off the air for a time!