Saturday, January 5, 2008

cocoa swap questionaire

I have a questionaire to fill out for the cocoa swap. Secret pal, I hope this helps!


1. What is your favorite way to drink cocoa? Prepared with milk? Water? from home made recipe or store bought?, In a tea cup, or big mug?

I tend to like mint cocoa (yes really). Lately I've been drinking chocolate-peppermint (LOVE the peppermint) organic soy milk because I do like to *try* to be healthy. I'm sure you purists are cringing, but to me it tastes good. I also like mocha a lot. ;-)

I *only* use mugs.

2. Marshmallows or whipped cream?

either/or, but usually none. Too much sugar.


1. What is your favorite type of yarn? In what colors?

I like anything soft, not scratchy. I am not a fiber snob -- right now I'm knitting something with Eros, which is a ladder yarn, and is NYLON! Mwahahahahah

I like pretty much any colors, but I have conservative tastes. I love the scarf that I made for my secret pal for ISE5. You can see pictures below.

2. Do you knit or crochet (or both)?

Knit only.

3. What are your favorite type of needles, would you like to try something new?

I am a loose knitter, so I like wood/bamboo.

4. Do you have a healthy supply of notions?

NO! I don't. I have a tape measure and a needle gauge, and that's it!

5. What one thing do you keep thinking you need to buy for your knitting habit (outside of yarn)?

a row counter!

6. What is your favorite 'quick knit/crochet' pattern (quick gratification)

A garterlac washcloth. ;-)

1. What is your favorite thing to do in the Winter?

Have a fire in the fireplace. And knit. ;-)

2. What is your favorite animal?

A dog, although a bird runs a close second. I would really like a bird as a pet, but my husband is animaled out.

3. Do you get the 'winter blahs'?

Actually, no. I like the cold.

4. What is your favorite way to beat the blahs?

See #1. ;-)

5. What is the thing you are most looking forward to this spring?

Flowers, although I have a witch hazel plant that blooms in february.

6. What are your favorite treat?

POPCORN! (I'm love salty/savory treats.)

7. What is your favorite board game?

Hmmm. Not sure. Maybe one of the cranium games?

8. Do you have any children (furry or human)?

I have two small dogs and a cat, and twin three year olds.

9. Do you have any allergies or special considerations you partner should know about?

I'm allergic to artificial coloring in food. I won't die, but it will make my face break out, which is most unattractive.

So, secret pal, I hope this helps! And please, don't forget me. My last swap, my secret pal had a personal problem, and I'm still waiting for my swap. I guess I'm an optimist, because I still feel like she's gonna send it, but it's pretty late. If I get forgotten this time, I think I'll be done with swaps. So don't forget me!


Anonymous said...

I'm your secret cocoa swapper pal. Are you vegetarian? Do you enjoy artificially sweetened products? Do you live near a yarn shop? I'll be back...

Patti said...

I do sometimes have artificially sweetened products. I am not a vegetarian, although I don't eat a ton of meat. I do live near a yarn shop.