Friday, October 5, 2007

Just call me Crabby Patti

Ok, if you don't have little kids, you probably don't get the Sponge Bob reference. (I actually don't let my kids watch that much tv, but that's the one show that they watch that I'll actually watch a little.)

Anyhoo...I posted a photo of my scarf progress over on ISE5, and I decided I was mad at it, and pulled it out. Either a.) the pattern is much tougher than I think, or b.) the flow between faux-seafoam and mock cables just doesn't happen that well. So I started again, and I'm happier with the flow. I'm going to make the cable chunks longer, with this as an occasional separator. Hopefully it will continue to go well, but right now, I'm happy. I have faith that with some washing and blocking, it will actually look ok, and not be an embarassing thing that someone gets in the mail and immediately frogs to use the yarn.


gemma said...

Its a good pattern Patti, go with your heart and your pal will love it.

Patti said...

Thanks, Gemma. I'm actually liking it now and enjoying the process. (It's supposed to be fun, she said to self!)

I think the issue was knitting for someone else. I always worry if they'll like it. As long as I pretend it's for me, it takes the pressure off, and I can enjoy the process!

Leah said...

Hi, just visiting from ISE5--I really like that pattern, too. I think it'll be great. And, by the way, I was reading some of your posts...I loved your blankie post. Boy, do I know how it feels to want my own blankie some days. In fact, I think I need a full-time nanny just for ME! But kids can be so tender, even if it's just for a moment (!)