Thursday, December 6, 2007

Not Applicable?

This week one of my daughters had a follow appointment at the pediatrician. They asked me to fill out one of those forms that doctors tend to have us fill out to update their information.

So I'm looking at the form, and I fill out the name and address section, and then I see they are asking about medical history. Which of the following things did your parents or close relatives have? This went on for a page and a half.

I sat there looking at it for about 5 minutes. I wasn't confused. I knew I couldn't write anything because we don't know. My daughters were born and adopted in another country. But what struck me is how many times my children will have to look at this form in their lifetimes. And how many other people have to look at this form -- and they don't know! Yet there was no "not applicable" box or anything. No "nod" to the segment of the population (which I know to be more than my two children) who have no idea about their biological medical history. (BTW, Medical Community, N/A might be an important answer. Better than my not checking anything and just handing it in.)

So I had to write a big fat N/A across the section. Then I handed it to the nurse and said, "I couldn't really answer this." She looked at it, laughed nervously, and said, "well, that's ok."


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